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Ferana Real Map 8.6 HIGH EXP Staged
Started: 30 July 2016 at 18:00 [Gmt +1]
Ferana is online for:

IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: 8.6

Most powerfull guilds

Next Generation

17 kills


16 kills

Server Dominando

9 kills

Los maliantes

7 kills

Revolucion Mexicana

3 kills

Dark Mortals

2 kills

Welcome to ferana
Last joined us: Bewolf, Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Accounts in database: 1045
Players in database: 1154
27.07.16 15:44:13 - New Ferana!
What can you find on Ferana and what is hard to find on other servers?

Basic Information
Start: 30 June 18:00 [Gmt +1]
Client: 8.60

Perfectly prepared Real Map
Map: RL Map + 6 cities (Oken, Gengia, Pyre + 3 unique cities

Points system. We promote players are certain levels with Premium Points! Levels:

At level 325 you will get 25 Premium Points to your Account
At level 375 you will get 25 Premium Points to your Account
At level 450 you will get 30 Premium Points to your Account

Perfectly High Exp Stages and Rates
1 - 50 - 1500x
51 - 100 - 1200x
101 - 150 - 1000x
151 - 200 - 500x
201 - 251 - 200x
251 - 300 - 80x
301 - 350 - 30x
351 - 400 - 10x
401 - 450 - 5x
451+ - 2x

Skill Rate: 50x
Magic Level Rate: 25x
Loot Rate: 4x

Balanced Professions
There are perfectly balanced professions on our server. We have spent many hours with tibia calculators to make all runes and spells exactly the same as in RL.
We want to make game more dynamic so cooldown for spells such as ue and waves were reduced when there is more then 10 players on your screen. experience stage is increased.

All Quests are similar to RL
There is also Daily Quest.

Quest Log
There is fully working Quest Log (with missions), almost all your done quests and missions will be noticed here.
You will find also for example information how many monsters you have killed in every mission of Killing in the Name of Quest.

We edited loot & attacks & hp of more then 600 monsters to make it exactly like in RL! Loot has been made anew, completly from nothing.

It is the next huge advantage of our server. We have prepared almost 60 raids based on RL Tibia! Raids have been made with such details as for example when Orcs Attack: Carlin, Thais or Femor Hills you can loot from one Orc Warlord a part of the Amazon Set.

Advanced and very functional website
You can find here a lot of informations, statistics and top guilds here.

Available events: Massive Team Battle, Massive Quadra Battle event, Eventa Monster event, Capture The Flag, Castle War [adding], Last Man Standing [adding] , Fire Storm Event [adding] , Zombie Plague Attack[[adding].

First 300 registered accounts with at least one character will get 100 premium points for free!

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